What to expect after you sign up

Thank you so much for joining DynamiCare. We’re excited to get started with you or your loved one on the path to recovery.

Here's what to expect after you've signed up for and fully paid for the DynamiCare service. If you have any questions about this process, please let us know!

If you signed yourself up:

  • One of our senior recovery coaches will reach out to you for an initial onboarding meeting, where we'll talk in more detail about where you are in your recovery. Our goal is to meet you wherever you are! During this call, we'll also match you with a recovery coach, set you up on the DynamiCare app, invite any supporters who you'd like to share your progress with, and place an order for any substance testing equipment you may need.
  • Your recovery coach will schedule their first call with you and work with you to set healthy goals and talk about challenges you might be facing in your recovery. At this point, you'll begin using the DynamiCare app regularly to track recovery-related appointments and perform substance tests.
  • You'll begin meeting regularly with your recovery coach as you continue your journey! Most people meet with their coach every week. As you progress, they will help you adjust what activities that will best serve you in your recovery, and motivate you to achieve your goals.

If you signed someone else up:

  • One of our senior recovery coaches will reach out to your loved one and set up an initial onboarding meeting with them to assess how they are doing and set up their account on the DynamiCare app. At this point, we'll also match them with a recovery coach!
  • After their account is set up, we’ll close the loop with you and confirm that everything is set to move forward. This is a great opportunity to ask more questions about your role in the recovery process and how you can help as a supporter of your loved one. You’ll also get an invite to our online web portal for supporters, where you can track your loved one's progress!
  • Your loved one will begin tracking their recovery activities, including appointments and substance tests, in the app and having regular check-ins with their coach. Usually members meet with their matched coach every week. You'll be able to follow along in the supporter portal as they make progress, and talk to our team if you have any questions.